What makes the Rheintaler so special.

What's the first you think of when it comes to discounts and benefits?
Usually you think of loyalty cards, payback cards, voucher books, sticky dots and the associated sticky booklets that enable you to buy the nth knife block at supposedly particularly favourable conditions.

You might also think of Regio-Cards, which allow you to take advantage of various localised offers from cultural and tourist providers for a limited period of time. As a rule, all these offers are limited in time and not necessarily inexpensive. With the usual bonus cards, you even leave a precise log of your movements, which makes it possible for various interested parties to precisely analyse your shopping behaviour and then sell customer data in so-called "qualified address databases". With the "RHEINTALER" project, we - Rheintal e.V. - would like to prove that all this can be done in a very pleasant way, without data synchronisation and even without time limits.

Rheintaler are high-quality embossed medals made of nickel silver (a copper-nickel alloy). Each medal shows a motif from the Rhine river. There are series such as "Castles and Palaces", "Famous Rhinelanders", but also "Churches and Cathedrals", to name just a few.

What unites all the coins is the reverse with the Rhine Valley logo, the letters "RT" and six stars, which incidentally stand for the countries where the Rhine river has its banks.

Just like the aforementioned cards and voucher books etc., every RHEINTALER has an added value function. By showing (not handing in) a RHEINTALER, the partners of the Rheintaler network grant discounts, free additional services or attractive extras. The offer ranges, for example, from a 20% discount on the Cologne-Düsseldorfer and Bonn passenger boat services to the Bingen-Rüdesheimer, Drachenfelsbahn or Sea-Life in Speyer and Oberhausen (30% discount) and museums, hotels and restaurants on the Rhine river between Duisburg and Speyer.

There are now over 70 different motifs on the Rhine and Ahr and more than 120 network partners who offer added value on presentation of a Rhine Thaler. The fact that the taler has also become a collector's item is a very pleasing additional effect.

"We see ourselves as a network of upscale gastronomy, culture, leisure and tourism on the Rhine river". The partners do not have to be Michelin-starred establishments - our network partners are characterised by a stylish ambience, an attractive offer and a location on the Rhine river. However, it is not a prerequisite that there has to be high water in the cellar once a year; we also have partner businesses that are quite far away from the river, such as the Schladerer company, producer of fine brandies in Staufen.

The sales and purchase price are fixed and the partners are left with a financial profit in addition to the advertising in the Rheintaler brochures and on various other advertising platforms when the medals are offered and sold.

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